Summary of content presented at the 2016
NW Demand Response Symposium

Demand Response Northwest_Cover.png600 million watts of demand response proves cost-effective in the Seventh Power Plan, according to John Ollis, a power systems analyst and member of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. To put this in perspective, 600 million watts equals 10 kilowatts from each of the 60,000 participants in the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project. Ten kilowatts approximately equals the draw of a large home or a substantial part of a commercial load.

This raises the question: is the answer to the Seventh Power Plan simply returning to the demonstration project participants and requesting them to drop from the system at peak times?

Perhaps. But solutions for demand response are far more complex and require much more planning, not to mention that such a load drop may be much more than demonstration participants are willing to give. The Pacific Northwest Demand Response Symposium—held on September 28, 2016, in Seattle—was the first of its kind. Among other demand response topics, it explored the requirements for developing demand response resources in the Northwest.

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